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Optimize your company's Telecommunications

Working with our UK-wide network of expert partners, we’ll find the perfect telecoms solution for you. Flexibility on pricing, contract lengths and tariffs delivered instantly online – that’s the Nephelai difference.

Tailored services

We work with you to figure out exactly what services your business needs to run more efficiently. 


regulatory Compliance

We’ll keep you up to date with regulations so that you can feel secure that your business is operating in a compliant fashion.


customer support

Reach someone on our team for an emergency at any time of the day or night. Supporting you around the clock is our business.



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Personal approach

We value every single one of our clients and we pride ourselves on our personal approach.

First class business comms

Are Business communications a part of your business processes and development?

Mobile, hosted voice, broadband, software… we can take care of all your business comms so you can focus on your business.

Combine these different channels and we will combine everything into one bill, managed via one online portal, with our team of experts working together to give you all-in-one support.

Low cost

We understand that every business wants to keep its costs down at Nephelai we provide solutions that are affordable.

Personal approach

We value every single one of our clients and we pride ourselves on our personal approach.

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why you should choose nephelai?

We  work alongside you and your team towards finding out what are the essential telecommunication solutions that must be incorporated to grow your business in every way possible.


With over 15 years experience let us help you to find the best telecommunication solution for your business.

Quick Response

We understand that the business world is fast paced get in touch with us today and recieve a tailor made quote within 48 hours.

our Services

Some of our services for a better more connected business

At Nephelai we’ve got you covered when it comes to telecommunications see below for our most popular services.

Mobile Phones

The only constant thing about mobile phone technologies is that it keeps growing. Let us support you in finding the best solutions for your business.


In this day and age a good broadband connection is imperative for helping your business grow we help you find the fastest speeds at the best prices.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In the Internet era VoIP is gaining traction day by day. As people shift towards the usage of Internet calls for enhanced services.

Lease Lines

Internet leased line connections are dedicated communication channels that are used to establish a connection between two or more sites. They are used for continuous data flow from one point to other.


what do our customers say?

Sophia and Gabrielle where brilliant in helping us move from our current internet provider to one that was better suited for our business requirements as we are experiencing rapid growth, We have also moved to a voip based app on our mobiles so that all our landline calls can be transferred from device to device without needing any additional costs for handsets. Sophia and Gabrielle fully understood our requirements and helped us from initial meeting through to installation and going live. Support when we have had questions has also been quick and responsive.
Swapping our business mobile contracts to Nephelai was quick, easy and completely seamless. Sophia and Gabrielles' Customer service skills are 2nd to none. They knew the answers to all our questions and we have had no issues with our network provider ever since. As a client we're looking to make a change and support female led, local businesses instead of corporate giants and we are very happy with this decision.
Astrea Investments
We are very happy with our new phone contracts and Nephelai, no complaints and mobile signal is better than before.

Learn about our personalised business solutions

Come and join us at Nephelai and see quality services with the latest tools and technologies that are protected by the latest cybersecurity measures.

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