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At Nephelai we’ve got you covered when it comes to telecommunications see below for our most popular services.

Mobile Phones

The only constant thing about mobile phone technologies is that it keeps growing. Let us support you in finding the best solutions for your business.


In this day and age a good broadband connection is imperative for helping your business grow we help you find the fastest speeds at the best prices.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In the Internet era VoIP is gaining traction day by day. As people shift towards the usage of Internet calls for enhanced services.

Lease Lines

Internet leased line connections are dedicated communication channels that are used to establish a connection between two or more sites. They are used for continuous data flow from one point to other.

security and control:

Possibility to control and limit access, to allow access only to company data and resources. Our services come with content filtering to avoid inappropriate data consumption. The exit to the Internet can be done by applying the antivirus filters and the security policies of the corporate firewalls, to avoid direct attacks on mobile phones.

advice & support

Don't get dizzy with complicated billing systems! We advise you and offer you the most useful and profitable communications solution for your company, whatever its size.

mobile phones

At Nephelai, we know that a corporate mobile is not used in the same way as a private mobile, it is almost a portable office. That’s why you need more support, more reliability, and more security.

We have been offering Internet services exclusively to companies for years, and that experience allows us to know what they need. That is why we have designed a mobility solution especially for them: without packages or complicated billing systems.

Designed especially for companies:

We integrate your mobile into the Private Network of your company so that you access all the data and applications that you need safely and easily. And we can integrate your mobile communications with fixed telephony, cloud computing solutions, or whatever your company needs. We offer a single invoice for all your communications.

Management and reporting options:

Know at all times how your broadband service is working. With the analytics and reporting functions, you can find out the values of all the parameters by adding to your connection a managed client device that relays data about the circuit and the equipment. We also offer the possibility of incorporating managed security functionalities into its broadband service. As experts in installation, commissioning, and infrastructure related to DIA, we want to give you the best connectivity tools on the market. It is a service whose greatest benefits are reliability, security in data handling, and the scalability of its requirements to achieve business objectives. Modern companies that manage a lot of sensitive information, have IP telephony, need continuous uploads and downloads, understand the priority of a stable connection. If you as an entrepreneur value digital efficiency, consult our team of experts to advise you on the corporate internet.


Nephelai’s broadband service provides an always-on data connection from your end-user to the Internet, ideal for smaller locations and remote users and usable as a primary connection or as a perfect backup solution.

Speed and flexibility

Nephelai's broadband service, available at different speeds, offers you high-quality connectivity from anywhere and at any time, using a wireless, cable, or Ethernet over Coaxial (EoC) access technologies, adapted to your needs. For those customers who need immediate but temporary internet access, we have the QuickStart Broadband immediate broadband option, which can be used as a backup connection until primary connectivity is established or restored.

Connectivity around the world, in the simplest way:

At Nephelai, our broadband internet service combines efficiency and coverage. Having a global broadband provider will help you optimize the contracted service, allowing you to integrate everything in a single invoice, with a single contract and a single account manager.

choose a trusted VOIP provider

Nephelai offers quality business communications over the Internet, with low-cost calls for landlines, as well as free internal calls, chat, and conferences.

all in one VOIP service

Whether you need to contact your employees where they are or hold a conference with attendees from around the world, Nephelai is your "all-in-one" solution. - No contracts, no hidden costs - Start a 30-day free trial and choose the plan that's right for you. Always with immediate access to all functionalities. No additional payments or premium features. Nephelai has been a leading provider for years. If you have any other questions or concerns about VoIP services, our dedicated team will be happy to help!

VOIP (Voice over internet protocool

Many companies are unaware of the tremendous benefits, both in terms of costs and terms of functions and business opportunities, that come from leaping a traditional telephony provider to a VoIP one. Of course, the key is to find the one that suits both your needs and your pocket.

why switch to a vOIP Provider?

For those who are still undecided, we will review the reasons why leaping VoIP is not only a smart step but a necessary one to compete in today's market. Voice over IP Protocool is nothing more than using the Internet and not conventional telephone line to channel company calls. This means that it does not depend on physical lines, there are no limitations regarding the number of simultaneous conversations, hundreds of users can work under the same single header number and, above all, we can access the system almost any device connected to the Internet, as long as we can install the corresponding app or software. Easily switch your VoIP service between devices with free IP calls using our app for smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or your VoIP phone Southampton.

Lease lines

A leased line, a type of dedicated line, is a permanent fiber optic or telephone line connection between two points established by a telecommunications operator. It can be used for telephone, data, or Internet services. 

what are the advantages of a leased line?

There are many benefits leased lines have over other telephone and Internet connections. They generally offer faster download and upload speeds, and better security and privacy, as the lines are dedicated to your business.  In most cases, a wide variety of robust and reliable bandwidths are available, bandwidth is generally guaranteed and upgradeable for business use, and they are suitable for web hosting. This type of Internet connection provides a high transmission rate and a very stable connection. Generally, a fixed IP address is given to the user in this case. This form of permanent cable or line is a great advantage, especially for the operator of a server.  At Nephelai, we offer internet leased line services delivered over fiber, that provides uncontended and symmetrical bandwidth with full-duplex traffic. Get in touch with us for more info.

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Nephelai was born out of a simple need for a new phone system that is reliable, feature-rich, and won’t cost a fortune. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing communications solutions in the south.

Do not hesitate to talk to our experts to get more information about our services.